What is happening with Kog'Maw?

Kog'Maw was pretty sound hyper-carry in S5 or earlier, a weird but strong gatling in S6, and pretty healthy again in S7, with Rageblade being key the item to rush, the one item power spike. Mid-season 8 changes of ADC itemization didn't affect him much, but Rageblade rework removed a big chunk of AD and AP from him at the early stages of the game. This one change led to his downfall. A nerfed S5 self with tougher competition, Kog'Maw is now merely a shade of his former self. Pick rate below 1%, ban rate below 0.1% and win rate below 47%. Loser. Maybe I should change my main to someone who doesn't have to play against the odds every time? But I love that champ more than any other. I've been playing Kog since season 2, where I found a build that costed 13k and involved Madred's Bloodrazor, Malady, Haunting Guise, Nashor's Tooth and Wit's End. In season 4, I enjoyed jungle Kog with Feral Flare. I played Kog with smite in season 5 (albeit often as an adc), as sated Devourer was much like stacked Rageblade. I didn't skip on season 6, even though it felt a bit like URF with the rest not being so sped up, and I actually finally hit Platinum that season. Season 7 was fun with Rageblade's phantom hit. And here we are now. A long history. Is he dying of old age? I wonder what comes now. There have been an attempt to rework his W and it was reverted. But he wasn't neglected in S7, he got an unnecessary buff that made him OP and ban rate flew up fast. Now, however, he has little to offer. Is buff coming, or is he yet another candidate for rework, like my formerly favorite champions Urgot and Ryze? I have some skins for them, but I won't likely play them ever again. Maybe I ditch LoL completely if they do it to Kog.
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