At least add voice in ranked flex

Ok i don't understand, how come league of legends is the only popular game right now without voice chat. At least add one in ranked flex because ranked flex is supposed to be ranked for teams... sometimes i cannot find a 4th and 5th member for my team when i play flex and i get randoms but the problem is, i cannot communicate with them while i fight.. Its just so frustrating when i see the play that can destroy the enemy team and i cant communicate it to my team.. and where is this happening? In a game that is all about team play and the flex mode that is all about ranked for teams/groups. You guys are risking everything with this new ranking system in season 9 and all those changes.. You guys are constantly risking stuff by changing or "evolving" the game and yet all those years we haven't got a voice chat. Make it optional, test it.. I just want to communicate with my teammates! That's all i want from you riot. and i swear to you, the community will be less toxic.. Its easier to write insults than say it to the other person and even if its not, then we mute like we do in chat.
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