Just Mute all.

I know this might seem like a salty complain about someone being banned. But just a tip. Mute all. I go Camille vs urgot top. even lane. They get first blood. I get flamed. Who cares. Second gank/third gank. I survive them. I then play safely and ask for a gank. Oh look lee sin is flaming me for god knows why until I tilted and starte flaming him too. It tilted me to the point where I didntcare anymore. As urgot kept destroying the lane and zoning me out of CS. I just lost my tempo thanks to the flaming war I had with my jungelar and adc. End of the day, I get a 14 days ban. And I'm just annoyed. So what i'll e doing. I join a game. I mute them all. Keep their pings. Communicate with pings and that's it. Just listen to my tip and do that. Some teams will just tilt you and make you flame. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
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