How do Adc's deal with it in low elo?

I've played ADC like 4-5 times on this account so far and holy crap it's so frustrating. I couldn't care less about whether my support dies over and over, the annoying part is most of them afk in lane. They stand behind you literally doing nothing and allow you to be zoned from the enemies the whole time, the only time they seem to move is when the jungler comes in for a gank. Clearly this is not the same with all supports as the enemies actually harass and zone. I've clearly just been unlucky, but damn if this happens 50% of the time I think I would be driven to insanity if I were in this elo. Funniest thing happened last game, I played Ezreal and had an Annie support. At level 1 I harass both the Ashe and Sona to 20% hp, my annie did as well. The enemies are literally 20% hp and ashe has used both flash, heal and her potion. After this cheese Annie proceeds so stand behind me scared shitless from a 20% HP Adc with no sums and a Sona. 1 minute later they're both full hp again from sona w, and Annie has full hp and mana bar. I don't understand it lol! That should have been the lane won.
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