What are the next "Legendary vs" skins?

15 Best Rivalries In League Of Legends Lore | League Of Legends Official Amino
Hey guys, Here are in my opinion the best 15 rivalries in league of legends lore! Please note that these are in no particular order. Garen Vs Katarina Garen Vs Katarina is like the Romeo and Juliet of league.
I Was thinking about New "Versus legendary skins like the ones on live servers Like these: "{{champion:157}} vs {{champion:92}}" & "{{champion:86}} vs "{{champion:122}} So how about: {{champion:268}} vs {{champion:101}}, .{{champion:15}} vs {{champion:69}}, ..{{champion:25}} vs {{champion:10}}, ...{{champion:107}} vs {{champion:121}}, ....{{champion:4}} vs {{champion:104}}, .....{{champion:50}} vs {{champion:59}}, ......{{champion:89}} vs {{champion:131}}, .......{{champion:90}} vs {{champion:38}} ...Or Ofcourse the famuos one {{champion:98}} vs {{champion:238}}. . . . . I brought up some Well known rivals. I know there are plenty more. What do you think guys? And what do you vote for? I Discluded champs that already have legendary and/or ultimate skin(s) like {{champion:222}} even tho she and {{champion:254}} are rivals. Same thing with {{champion:23}} vs {{champion:266}}, {{champion:21}} vs {{champion:41}} since MF has an ultimate skin, {{champion:22}} vs {{champion:113}}, and {{champion:86}} vs {{champion:55}}.
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