I miss Maokai - could we bring him back to support?

The state of toplane is much more entertaining imo than the days where Maokai ruled. Pure utility tanks have no place in toplane anymore. I cannot see him returning firmly to toplane any time soon, but he almost has everything he needs to be a great support! I love the big tree man and I think he'd be a welcome addition to support tank pool! All we need are some partial rework ideas to help this happen. Currently my thoughts are the following: 1. QoL improvements for his E to make it a better vision tool. Love the idea of his viability coming somewhat from having his little brush sentries :D 2. Put some damage redirect into his kit, callback to his old ult. 3. Give Q something cool, maybe it could reduce damage dealt on targets it hits. 4. Maybe his passive could heal a little to nearby allies. Please let me know what you think and if you have any more ideas. Or if you think I'm wrong and a complete idiot, please tell me why. :) EDIT: Just thought maybe helping his jungling could also be a decent option, but we already have one jungle tree man
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