Is Udyr too strong?

So I played a couple of games as Kalista/Jhin and had incredible problems to play against Udyr. Since people started to build Runic Echoes and then full tank its like you can't even scrach him, because he deals tons of damage with his R+Echoes proc and his build in shield+armor items like thornmail make him nearly invincible. And if he is in this state you as a ADC for example can't kill him because he does like double your damage and you are hitting yourself because of his Thornmail. Also you can't just ignore him because like I said he just kills you then, kind of like reworked Ryze pre nerf. When you start to team fight he just runs at the primary target wich tends to be the ADC or the APC with a speed higher than Master Yi and kills or zones the target in about every situation. The problem is if everyone would start do focus Udyr, his team would follow and clean up the fight. Aside from teamfights he is also good at splitpushing because of his passive, Bear Stance and ZZ'Rot most of the time, don't even think about chasing him because he will be faster than you except you are Hecarim with homeguard and E. So to play against him, the only thing I as a ADC can do is to kite as good as I can and hope he doesn't stun me, because I will be dead in under 2 seconds. As with wards, they don't help that much either, they are helping with dealing with Udyr in laning phase because you can back off when you see him running to your lane but that about it. TL;DR Udyr is too good at fighting and splitpushing because of Runic Echoes+ ZZ'Rot and his kit overall. So my question is: Is Udyr too strong atm or am I just not playing properly against him?
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