Glad i grew up with These and not Those - Urgot and Yorick

Am i the only one missing the old Yorick and Urgot ... they destroyed my sexy bae Urgot , he is ugly AF now , he didn't even get the chance to get a Star Guardian skin before Rework release :c They were pretty broken before rework , i really enjoyed spamming Bombs with Urgot , it felt just like a cassiopeia , and the R was the funniest part in his kit , you can't move for 3 sec and then u get teleported to his last current place , he taking yours ... leaving you open to die by his team :D Yorick Ghosts trully had a point , you had to be skilled in order to play him and to know when and what's the best ability at that moment ... his R .. my god , Guardian Angel on another level :D {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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