Tahm eating teammates against their own will. Does it bother you?

Last game had an enemy bot lane Tahm and Ashe. Tahm kept on eating Ashe when she didn't even need saving at all or any help into position for her ultimate. This annoyed her so much that she afk'd. Now the match I had before I had a player experimenting Tahm on mid lane and he saved me a few times from team fights by eating me (oh btw I was twitch in both games so eating that rat... wow that monster must have some strong immune system that heimerdinger could learn for science.) This does bother me a bit that some players or even friendly players are gonna have a trolly molly game and eat random team mates at low hp and spitting them out purposely into danger. This is even more annoying than having those kalista players that refuse to let their supports get a kill if she is too far but at least with kalista's ult you can choose where to get thrown to but with, Tahm you cannot decide what direction or when you want to be spat out. So when I start doing draft picks I will be banning this champion forever untill riot fixes this and allows the swallowed player to decide what direction to be released from because I do not trust this champion in my ranked games. You can just avoid the tahm partner like the plague but then you may as well kiss your normal match win or your ranked promotional series goodbye.
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