Tell me how this makes any f*cking sense. (matchmaking)

Since the start of the season there has been unbelievable amount of disparity in divisions in my games (maybe in yours aswell?). Here is a quick example taken from my last game. My team: Top - plat IV Jg(me)-Plat III Mid-Gold II ADC-Gold IV Supp-Gold I Enemy Top-Plat IV(so far so good) Jg-Plat III(great) Mid-Plat III(?) ADC-Plat I(?) Supp-Plat III(?) How the f*ck there is 10 divisions difference on botlane alone ??? The game before that there was 4 division difference between ADCs again. Very rarely I would get in a full Plat game anymore. And often times when I do the plat players were silver through multiple seasons peaking gold and now all of them got inflated to plat ? (not that plat is any accomplishment but still there is difference between every division tier).
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