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I'm trying to improve my farming and putting a lot of effort into it, but so far my results are mediocre. I have played about 1000 games (about 400 ranked, 500 normal, 100 others) and I'm Bronze IV, which seems a bit poor for that number of games. Since I'm a main Ashe (former main Rammus) I think that improving my farming is one of the best ways to improve my ranking. I'm using the practice tool for my training sessions, which is almost the same as using custom games, but it's more convenient and saves you a lot of time. So far I've had about 40 practice sessions. My farming has improved a bit, but it's still about 40 CS @10:00 in real games (keep in mind that in Bronze most players forget farming and only care about kills, which makes farming more difficult). Apart from that I'm writing a guide with ideas about how to farm better that come to my mind as I practice. I might publish the guide if these ideas seem to be effective. I'd like to know what you do or have done to improve your farming, your main (if you have one), your results, and your level (60 CS @10 is great in Bronze, but might not be so great in Diamond). I include a poll about how much effort you put into farming. The forum doesn't allow me to write much text in polls, so I write the options here: 1. CS? What is CS? 2. I just let my champion attack minions automatically and focus on getting kills. 3. I just try to last hit a bit at the beginning, then forget about it. 4. I try to last hit every time I have a chance, but never created a game just to practice. 5. I have had a few last hit practice sessions, but it's boring. I play to have fun! 6. I have a practice session now and then. 7. I practice often. 8. I practice a lot. 9. I don't need to practice anymore. I can do 100 CS @10 with a hand behind my back.
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