Changes to support items

Hi all, I just wanted to make a quick (and hopefully constructive) post about the changes made to support and support items. Recently Rito made some changes which meant that the active abilities of frostfang, ancient coin and Targron's were removed and they were made to be simply warding items. On top of that I have noticed in the PBE that they have changes the Gold per second on each of the items to be lower. I am very confused by these changes to support. The lack of upgrade for the first support item now means that I often upgrade it once for the extra gold and then I don't touch it again for the rest of the game. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind having the free wards eventually, but I also feel it has taken away some of the diversity I received from my support items. Ancient coin, as far as I can see, has become pretty much irrelevant. And having to build yet another item which costs the support even more gold than before feels dissatisfying. On top of that, the gold income is about to drop yet again for supports. And this is on top of the lack of masteries supports used to take, or even runes, to sometimes supplement this gold intake. With all of these combined issues, I often don't get any joy from building items. I usually play enchanters like Nami which often means 9/10 my first item is Ardent's censor. Not only do I (arguably) have the hardest roll to carry with, but I also now lack satisfaction in the item builds that I go. I've lost extra "actives" from the items I used to have, and to some degree, I feel like my impact has been dwindled the gold income has stunted my progression into the game. I am unsure if anyone at riot reads these things, but sometimes, as a player, the design philosophy can see conflicted from season to season. One season you want supports to earn more gold, another you want more diversity in item builds, and then the next you undo (intentionally or not) the previous season's goals. Perhaps it is just me, and I am sorry to be such a harsh critic, I understand designing, balancing and altering a game cannot be an easy job. But these changes only seem to detract fun from the support role, not add it. Nor can I see it affecting the overall balance of the game as support is (arguably) one of the hardest roles to carry with. (Please note, I do not mean its not impactful, but you are more at the mercy of your team than any other role). I would suggest a very small change such as increasing the gold per second income when you are with x distance of an ally. It would make it more difficult for solo laners to abuse the item? Anyway, those are my thoughts! Yours truly, Muffin, Confused. <3
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