You shouldn't be able to surrender with 4 votes

It's just %%%%%%ed I can't carry game no matter how good I do. If I'm support Lux and I got 7-7-8 and I'm building AP, while some team members are like 1-8 on top and such, team just gives up in middle of fight where I was just about to down their mid carry (Zoe). I got trash ADC who dives enemy with 20% hp while himself having 5% just because I managed to land a skill, dies, then complains about how I should have picked right support. No support would be able to save idiot carry. So we lost bottom early because ADC just complained on chat and afk, top is lost and they keep roaming, well im there warding and setting up camps, we make couple of comebacks and all I'm just saying just keep trying and no, "lets just give up" when they don't even have an ADC in team for end game teamfights. We could have crushed them if we just stood strong and defended but I literally can't win in plat elo playing support, especially when team decides to surrender, so I basically need to beat the game solo 1v9 before 20 mins if I'm to have any change. What other game has this?
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