Bruiser junglers

So, it's taken me this long to realise I'm just better with fighters/bruisers/tanks. I just have more success with people I can playmake, have a little bulk to throw around, peel for my carries etc. And with higher success = more fun, especially on a game that punishes you for mistakes and rewards you for playing well. Which brings me to my question - who's in flavour right now? I don't want people saying 'bruisers are bad, play assassins' - i just don't have success playing assassins, it's not my strong point. I really like Shyv/Skarner (siding towards skarner for his cc), but I'd like to pick up and play another if possible. I toyed with bruiser rengar and Ornn today, and actually really like Ornn's playstyle. I found his damage output when you hit your cc right to be really potent. Is he playable at the moment? Other notable mentions are vi (her cooldowns just got buffed) and maybe Wukong (but i dunno). I find Jax/Xin boring, so those are out. TL,DR: Took me a long time to figure out that bruiser/tanks are the way forward for me, so who's currently playable and worth learning?
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