Riven is still busted, the "nerf" was worthless

Want to nerf riven? Then do something about her ult. An ult that buffs her kit to high heavens AND adds an instant AOE execution in a cone is not a good design. Do what you did to aatrox ult. Take something away. Either take away her AD buff, her increased range on EVERYTHING or her execution. Even Mordekaiser has a catch with his ult and that is Oranges and QSS. Why give Riven a full package with no shape or form of counter, a catch or anything? Why is she the champ you are the most afraid to even touch no matter how broken she really is despite what the crazed fanboys says? You know what her kit really lacks? Sustain. But thank god to horrific riot that seems to share EA's idea of gruesome game mechanics they made sure {{item:3812}} just helps her out allowing her to survive insane odds by just mashing Q and W with her ult and become so tanky you need chain CC from {{champion:111}} alongside others to even have a chance to kill her if she is alone. You nerfed mordekaiser, a proper nerf too. You reduces his passive % damage that was just crazy and the passive penetration on his E. That is a heavy nerf but it was needed. But with Riven you make sure to touch what in the end is the least significant. Last nerf I remember was 5 movement speed, and now 2 seconds that doesn't really matter once she gets her CDR. What's next? Remove 1 armor and 1 magic resist? Nerf the champion properly, just once and stop trying to pretend you are doing anything worthwhile with the meaningless nerfs.
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