I hate Riven players so deeply [rant]

I cannot handle Riven players. I just cannot. Everytime I see Riven being locked in, I know my LP is down the drain. They always either; -troll -int -go afk -flame I think I lost 8 out of 10 games where a Riven was included in my team. I just should dodge when someone picks Riven, but that costs me 10lp too after the first time. I always pray someone dodges when they see Riven picked but I am usually unlucky. I am so so tilted by this champion. I know what is going to happen and it neary always happen the way I predict. They %%%% up their lane so hard, feed the enemy, tilt the team by flame and harrasment, act like they are gods with cool combos and then die over and over again.
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