AP Malphite mid is freelo for shit ranks below plat

note: no. im not saying that plat or above aren't shit ranks.. just saying i got this to work in gold elo.. So I've been playing flex with ap malphite for like ~10 games.. I've won every single game and most of them with heavy snowball.. there is nothing more satisfying than oneshoting all of enemy carries in a fraction of a second... you might think.. ugh.. how do i play malphite against heavy poke like ziggs, lux, syndra, etc. it is extremely easy and the same rule applies no matter who you play against.. you farm under turret as much as you can (literally), spend all your mana on getting as much farm as you can.. first back (when you get level 6) you should have enough gold for at least lost chapter and boots.. after that it is free kills.. One Q for poke (enemy is down to 75%), wait for Q cd.. R, Ignite, Q, W, E, AA -> Kill Roam bot/top for more stacks on Ultimate Hunter.. Luden, hextech, zhonya are core items because shitton of damage and 40% CD.. 40% CD + 20% CD on R => 35s CD R yup you just got yourself a malphite that can one shot anyone every 30 seconds.. Important things to make this work are: Runes (arcane comet, ultimate hunter) Items (already listed above) Farm (this is most definitely not gonna work if you end up dying too many times or don't get enough farm, but as long as you stay under turret you are good) also to repeat myself one more time.. it really doesn't matter who you play against... i've won my lane against some of the most cancerous champs you could imagine, here is a list: Ryze, Zed, Lux, Ziggs, Syndra, %%%%ing Vladimir with his %%%%%%ed pool, Diana, Yasuo, Twisted Fate, Katarina, Akali https://uploadir.com/u/ip4kyav7
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