Why is there a player who has just gotten lvl 30 in my game? That's my question after my last match. No offense to the player for playing bad, but she lacked experience to play in that game. The level of play was simply higher than hers, she was a Fiora top lane (not that it matters), but avaraged 3-4cs per minute, ending the game with 103cs at minute 33. The game's level was from high silver to low gold where the avarage is like 6-7cs per minute, so I dont see how this can be fair for us or for her. New players just dont understand machups, objectivetaking, how to take cs properly, etc._** yet**_ and they just are flatout worse at the game than their teammates and opponents. Sure you can learn in those matches, but admit it, you rather have players with higher mmr than you to play with. Things like taking cs, etc. can get better over time, but the gap is just way too big at the point where they are getting placed for the first time. New players should get placed somewhere with bronze players and should be able to get placed in silver if they play their promos well enough, but I mean high silver to gold? No, they are not there yet, for sure. This situation resulted in a pissed team and a powerless player who tried her very best, I am sure, but couldnt do anything since she lacks experience.
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