Possible nerfs for zhonya

I honestly do think that zhonya isn't that broken BUT when played right can make a laner afk (bcs he salty) or may save you in some akward situations (getting dived, 2v1, ganked etc) i think that zhonya needs to loose it's defensive properties (ok look don't leave this board yet and let me explain my reasoning), if zhonya looses it's defense stats it won't be built instantly so assasins will still have a chance to trade in lane (since as we all know zed gets fully countered by zhonya) and mages may be forced to build tabi ninja in order to sacrifice some dmg for armor so mages won't do too much dmg and be tanky at the same time since it makes them mid game monsters and this will also make team fights depend on more that just a syndra Q+E combo or a orianna ult to win them. With the lack of agressive ap items that give armor (there is just zhonya that gives armor and ap) mages will build health and passive stats (health regen, mana regen etc) that might help them grow from a "one shot or be oneshotted build" in late to a "Dps" build and will increase their survivability. This is honestly everything that i have to say about zhonya and if you feel like something is wrong make sure to point that out (also ahri's true dmg was a mistake)
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