Regarding banning your own teammates pick

So in the last games I've encountered some people who thinks outside the box. You know, the kind that thinks if you ban, lets say the midlaners pick, you can get their role. The one who ask if they can get the role you have and when you say no, they ban the champ you hover. Honestly, when I have filled, played my second role 2 times and finally get the role I want, then having someone who do not get the entire "role assignment" thingy that 95% of the rest of us get and play along with, banning the champ you have been eager to play, only because you did not decide to give him or her the role you have been assigned, sucks. I get that someone hovering sejuani lastpick in ranked, with the enemy team having firstpick can be somewhat reasonable, considering the circumstances, but seriously? Why in draft. Even in ranked, I have yet to see someone ban a champ someone else hovers purely because of them not wanting to face that. champ (might be alone here) Idk, I just wanted to let out, I'm pretty tired of this happening all the time, sorry for the wall of text. Feel free to disaggree
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