To all of you, who can't get into the PBE

Think of it like this : #The PBE is NOT there for your amusement/enjoyment. It's there to test things, the results of which tests are getting recorded by Riot, and stability fixes are being made according to them. I do understand that you're all hyped because of this auto-chess copy game mode. But for God's sake ... stop making these "wtf 7 hours to log in to PBE" posts. The PBE is much smaller than the normal servers. It can't host more than a certain amount of players. It's perfectly normal for you to have huge waiting times. Get used to it. I love how little Billy, who hasn't used the PBE for other than showing off his fake skins or RP in screenshots to his discord friends, hasn't reported a single bug in his lifetime, now suddenly wants a premium experience while playing a yet to be released game mode, without waiting, without having latency issues, nothing. Well Billy, I have bad news for you, buddy. You either get waaaaay more patient, or you stop complaining. I'm sick and tired of seeing 300x more PBE posts before any major release, than in the "normal" times. You will play the new game mode, when Riot is done with the small scale testing phase, and it gets released. If you wanna be a smartass, and play 1-2 weeks before everyone else, at least don't whine, when you realise that a lot of others are doing exactly what you're doing - logging in to the PBE for fun purposes, when it was clearly stated, that it's NOT for fun purposes. Thank you Billy, for understanding.
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