AD Items and AS Items are too powerful and too cheap...

Most of the champions are not the problem with the game, its the items that they get. A lot of ADC items are simply too cheap and provide too much of a power spike too early in the game. The same problem with items that grant Attack Speed, such as {{item:3085}} which give too much benefit for a cheap price. Items such as {{item:3153}} give too many stats, Items such as {{item:3155}} are too powerful compared to their AP Equivalent (Which can now have its MAIN benefit used by anyone, so ADC's have been stealing that. *cough* {{item:2419}} *cough*) and items such as {{item:3508}} give almost infinite mana to some champions while mages are going to suffer a MASSIVE nerf to their ability to trade with AD based champions in the future. Plus you have Leathality, a stat that has no AP equivalent and makes armor virtually pointless - {{item:3147}} I do wonder where the balance between AP and AD went because it seems at the moment that all the benefits are solely with AD champions and they are even allowed to have the same unique benefits that AP champions used to have such as Zhonya's ect for barely any cost.
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