league is trash for many ppl atm

i main master yi, i no longer win no matter what i do/build, u win like 1 game out of 5, it is just %%%%%%ed. buff yi or bring something up, champion is trash at the moment. i know some ppl will be like ur bad and sh1t, but thats only cuz the play buffed champs they like or meta champs, master yi needs buffs or changes, please do something. game is really unplayable right now. for me, i wont be playing this game until u do something for yi he is really so %%%ing weak right now, lethal tempo is %%%%%%ed why not just make last season rune for mele attack speed champs, i mean it wont harm because laning phase atm is like 10 min only, most games ends in 20 mins, if u do it i dont think it will matter cuz u need a lot of time to reach ur power. i mean right now even if u get fed like 5/0 early u still lose because champion is really bad. DO SOMETHING FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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