New champions and the amount of text, overloaded kits and interactions.

I never really understood why new champions had to contain a whole novel worth of text, and overloaded kits with heals, shields, weird CC. It's almost as if it takes a whole game just to read and try to understand each ability, of the latest champions. We all know Jax, straight-forward kit, pretty fun to play, his abilities are simple, but in a good way, and there are many champions like him, with a straight-forward easily understandable kit, that is not overloaded with different mechanics, or text that when you're done reading it all, it feels like you just completed reading the bible. Also, what's up with all this hp interactions too? % max hp damage? healing, champions stealing abilities, forms, even summoner spells and items, 3d basic attack procs. Please, just make a simple champion, without hundreds of different interactions, and one shot abilities.

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