the unkillable Xin Zhao !! blade of the rune king buffs ?!

have y'all noticed that ever since the buffs to **(bork)** {{item:3153}} a lot of champs got undirectly buffed like lucian- yi ... xin zhao {{champion:5}} in the other side became **unkillable** since in **early game** most junglers can't 1v1 him but once he get the bork he can **1v2 1v3** easy in **late game** as soon as i see xin comming i flash away doesn't matter what i'm playing ( tank - full dammge - high mobility champ ..)he'll **lifesteal** you to death with the combination of bork {{item:3153}} ; ravenous hydra {{item:3074}} and death's dance {{item:3812}} if he's fed i don't 3v1 would be that hard i don't think xin zhao need a **nerf** bcs that will make him useless but this need to be **fixed** i'm not a high elo player since i started playing lol about 5 months ago so my thoughts about this champ are maybe wrong so pls share your opinions with me :)
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