bronze advice

hey fellow bronze players, got some friendly advice for you. step 1: don't die for no reason or to "maybe" secure a kill. this game is NOT about kills (that's a well known secret). we are bronze, we cant make faker plays, don't try yet :) step 2: farm like a beast. don't try to do anything to your opponent unless you understand the match up, you will probably loose it. you can be camped hard and get tower dived but if your farm is good, you will stay relevant! step 3: don't do things for no reason. this is by far the most bronze thing ever. don't wander around like you are going for a picnic in the woods. plan what objective you want to play for, and let your team know it, then focus on securing it (wards help btw). stop looking to try and kill that 12/1 master yi all the time :p. the whole team follows these 3 steps? congrats welcome to promo, its that simple. bonus step: don't talk to anyone ever and mute everyone instantly :p. its harsh but in my experience 90% of bronze players should come with a health warning or something.
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