Rip Leauge of Legends

So just played with the new Patch to day. Dont know if i am the only one who feel like this but i feel like im new in the game. I have never been powned like i have to day, im really not impressed by all of the new changes? allready i miss my mana potions, and feel there is a hole new unbalance in the champions.. What do you guys think? i mean am i the only one who think this have gone to far? i was excited at first with the new masteries but now i feel like its the same with Blizzard just before "mist of pandaria" where they destroyed the game after my opinion. normaly i like changes like trying to balance champs, getting new champs and i really love the idea about this new mini baron before the real baron "Rift Herald" but i think they have gone to far with the rest. what do you guys think about it all? Keep in mind this is not a hate post but just to hear what people think about the new patch. the titel Rip Leauge of legends is more like "the start of something new" cuz i feel like the game have changed a lot. and some champs just seems unbeatable, i played diana and by some reason i feel like i was a snail on water, and normally i play pretty well with her as a champ. and no im no where being a pro im only silver, but to day i just felt like i was playing a game, i had never played before
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