Changing Ranked to Role specific Rank is not a good idea

Hello, i dont know where else to put my feedback about this, there has already been a thread on reddit and many other people mentioned the exact same things. Remember what happened to flex queue some seasons ago? I predict that the exact same thing is going to happen if riot changes ranked to role specific rank. I dont mind that some leagues are being added, thats just a skin over the mmr system. But why would people care about autofilled roles? They have their first role they care about, then their secondary role that they might want to play. But if they have to play even more games to rank up, cause mostly u only get your primary role in about 50% of all games, then why wouldnt they want to dodge every single game they dont have their primary role or are even autofilled? Lets say we have a D2 Midlaner which is plat 5 as adc? Why would this midlaner care about wasting 20-40minutes playing a role in lower elo on a role that he doesnt care about or doesnt even want to play? I understand what riot tries to achieve by implementing such a system, but thats the wrong way to fix these issues. The only way to fix these issues is by removing autofill and give everyone their primary/secondary role and let us be in queue for 5-10 more minutes. There will be 3 kind of people next season: 1.Will dodge everything thats not his primary role. 2.Will play autofilled and secondary role, but doesnt tryhard and just goes for yolo plays and fun cause in the end, he doesnt care too much about his non primary role. 3.Which is the very minority, will actually play and give their best even autofilled, cause they dont main anything and dont try to improve at the game. Right now its not too late, the system isnt live yet.
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