I miss Bard, lets bring him back!

Hey guys, been thinking how much of a shame it is that Bard is seeing so little play this season. He's such a cool and fun champion, and the game is so much better when he is in play, imo. A lot is changing in support meta right now, so it could be the perfect time to give Bard a buff! It's a tricky one though, as I do not see an obvious target point for a buff. Maybe there could be some indirect buff from something else, or due to how well he may fair now that we have more enchantress supports returning. I'd especially love to see some Bard mains (I know you're out there) weighing in on this discussion. Thanks for reading :D EDIT: Yes, Bard probably doesn't need a buff but maybe we should do it anyway! I love when he's in the main support meta, he's such a cool champion. So, if we have to buff something, whaddyou think it ought to be?

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