Nothing is broken

Why is everyone crying about what is broken?? "Oh back in Season XYZ it was so cool" ... If i remember correctly, the last seasons were "Leauge of 15 different Champs" Now, you can Play almost everything everywhere! We have such a great variety of Champions and now we can make use of em. I like it, there are Problems here and there ( looking at you Ekko >:{ ) but seriously when was the last time we had so many different games? with different Setups? And i like the state of the game.. the games are decided earlier, mistakes later ingame will hurt your Team badly. It is more Team oriented. Yes, the items are kinda weird and we see some weird builds often atm ( Rageblade, "Tanksassins" ) but i think riot will find a way to fix this. Lets just look Forward and enjoy it for now :)

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