When to build Rabandon's Deathcap?

I generally struggle to figure out at what time of the game I should be aiming for Deathcap, and at what time other items (mainly looking at Void Staff) are a better decision. It's quite obvious that any mage or in General AP damage dealer wants to pick this hat up, but with it now being the most expensive item in the game it seems rather suppar early on, I wanted to hear your thoughts on when this changes. Looking at the wiki it's said that it needs at least 35AP from other sources to be fully Gold efficiant... so that basically you get your runes and a DRing and you can go for it. But obviously other items usually have priority, most of the time you want to pick up some form of Utility: be it Mana by going for {{item:3165}}, or looking for some defensive stats in {{item:3027}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}}, maybe even a {{item:3116}} for the slow, even when looking to just get the most damage or for a bit extra waveclear there still is {{item:3285}} which does give you this nice bit of movementspeed too. Or maybe something completely else jsut cus it works well in the Champion you Play. So we take any of those for out first item... next we want to finish our boots if we haven't yet but that's something we won't need to specificalyl consider. And... what now? ------------ This is the place where I struggle to decide. (Without saying, this is for mages taht don't have a fixed core anyway) 1) Sometimes it would feel nice to get another of above items... just to have them. Getting a Morello next to your defensive Option, or maybe a Luden's next to one I choose for that sweet burst... 2) {{item:3135}} It's rather cheap.. when I got good base damage the MPen already has good use... 3) {{item:3089}} but it feels really early... best case I move towards 150AP after finishing my first item. >.> And even after that, when thinking further... if I picked either {{item:3135}} or {{item:3089}} I'm kinda forced to go for the other now. (Unless the enemy for some reason feels like MR items aren't really existant... even then does base MR + runes get somewhere slowly) But if I went for any other item I'm split between getting {{item:3135}} or {{item:3089}} now... --------- In what order do you get those things? I'd love to hear some other opinions on this because I'm clueless as to if there's an ultimately better solution. :s
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