Viktor, The Machine Herald. My only hope.

Firstly, let me say - thanks Riot, thank you for everything that you have done with the game and for the thing that for two years in a row you are making me happy on my birthday (patch with the Creator Viktor and his Rework came out on it: 25/09 – 2013, 2014, nothing in 2015 - sad) . But, there are a couple of things that I would like you to know: there is some flaw in Art, model and gameplay part of Viktor’s relaunching. Perhaps I'll start with the models: There is only one question: Why do you removed gray strand of hair on the base Viktor skin (It was on old model)? It has spoiled the character- that’s the Truth. I put a few arts made by fans, who took into account this detail. I beg to return my grizzled Viktor! So, now the gameplay: We can talk a lot about that fact: Viktor is being a weak mage due to his nerf and buffs to other roles(bruzzers and adcs) , but it does not interest me. And I'm interested in the fact that you have removed his half-second silence on Ulty(R) and not because you nerfed it, no. The thing is that the same silence has the Viktor’s development (on the history of the champion) - Blitzcrank. Earlier this silence were connecting them as heroes. There was a feeling that Viktor, building his body used the same technology as he used in Blitz. I do not know how to fix it or replace, but it just worsens the atmosphere of hero and counting that it's Rework that should probably make hero deeper – This is looking strange. Finally-Art: he is certainly beautiful, but there are 3 things that I am not satisfied with. Looking at art and on the model, it is possible to feel cheated. Misstatements of facts. 1) Cloak. It is seen that on Art cloak is red and it is red everywhere: the collar and on both sides. But in game most of it are blue: the collar and the outer side. !!! 2) Vi-like left hand. Maybe I am just not so artistical person. But this size of hand does not fit Viktor’s style. Yes, he throws boomerangs with it, but in the game model looks different. !!! 3) Long Staff . There is a little differ. On the old Art it was short too, but I thought that it was a defect. Ok. Here coming a new splash-art - not fixed. So, maybe the game model has been changed - no, the staff is still long. It's all very strange. Inconsistency spoils perception. Also I feel you shouldn’t ignore Viktor in this year summer mage update – this is my last hope, because now Viktor’s potential is very small: before reaching mid-late game he lacks everything(damage, utility, defense) and he barely can be valuable in this meta. Riot, you have been always famous for your attitude to small details, but this time you screwed up. After writing all of this - I finally liberate my conscience and find out how players can affect the game. Thanks for reading. Images: P.S Sorry for my English. I am a Russian player (Johny Freeman – this is my main on ru server). I asked friend to write this post on EuWest forum from his account. Hope to see an answer from Rioters or at least interesting discussion.
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