Kinda dissapointed with diamond level?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm good at all. I do fine, lately I've found guys really good versus me at my main role, and I want to get more guys like that. I just reached diamond 5, and in 9 games I lost 8. In every game I lost I had the following : Rage quitters at 10 minute. Trollers who sell all itens because they got camped at 10 minutes. Teemo ADC because his top was taken. Everyone giving up after a simple 2/0. Won games, lost because of random"STFU I troll you now". Also, 0 wards. This saddens me and really affects my play, because if I die once its all over. I'm not saying that I have trash teams, because I can see the ways these guys play their champs, they are good. But I just feel dissapointed with this... I'm also going to probabbly decay from so many losses, maybe I do deserve it. "Diamond gets better" coudn't be any less of a lie.
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