A Zed mains view on the Quicksilver Sash/Mercurial changes as of patch 6.9.

As a Zed main, speaking in regards to the changes made to Quicksilver Sash & Mercurial Scimitar as of this patch (6.9); I neglect to see how QSS/Mercurial Scimitar were a direct counter/denial of -for example- Zed's Ultimate (Death Mark). As a fairly experienced Zed player, I've never seen a QSS (nor a Zhonya's Hourglass) as a total counter to his Ultimate. YES, they do directly stop his Death Mark's pop, but they DO NOT counter him. Now, let's just say that QSS was a direct counter to Zed because it removed his pop damage.. Is that not what Zhonya's Hourglass does too? Are you going to leave Zhonya's Hourglass as is, and just take away the item that many AD Carries RELIED on for dealing with Zed? Zhonya's Hourglass is nearly always picked up by any Ability Power/Mage based champions, both for the strong active AND for the +Ability Power which, lets be honest, cannot be argued with. This meant that AP/Mage based mid laners were often picked against Zed with the intention bullying him by way of being ranged poke, or of rushing a Zhonya's Hourglass and denying Zed's late laning phase spike (usually levels 6-9). This then almost encourages Zed to roam to targetable lanes, with AD Carries having the next lowest defences, they were the next priority. Taking away their biggest help towards dealing with Zed is ridiculous. As a Zed main, playing against champions who have build Zhonya's Hourglass OR QSS/Mercurial Scimitiar just meant I have to counter-play the counter-play, which is pretty easily done by many means, such as; Using my R(Death Mark) and W(Living Shadow) to stick to my target, and building appropriately depending on the enemy team composition and; -Using a bruiser-build for fight sustain, allowing me to stick around and focus my targets for longer. -Using a crit-build for higher damage, and by using my R/W to stick to my target, I have time to use raw damage to execute my target. -Using a high-armour pen build, meaning the already low-defense target had even less defense against my damage output, and using my raw damage to kill them. QSS/Mercurial Scimitar only ever countered lower-skilled Zed players that didn't know how to play against it, as any higher-tier/elo Zed main would be able to confirm. So, with all that said, I disagree with changing QSS/Mercurial Scimitar to stop removing combat-debuffs, and would have actually encouraged weak targets to pick them up before these changes were made. Riot Logic, ladies and gentlemen. - Tom Da Bomb.
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