Being "forced" to play ADC (hear me out)

Hi all, I had a gut feeling based on an observation about winning and i dare say i've come to a conclusion. Firstly let me say i play low elo, so without a doubt this does not go for higher tiers! Most games, i'd say an educated guess, about 70+% of the games are lost due to the bot lane - you know how it is. Suicidal ADC who play like tanks, no vision, no warding, no map awareness, the usual "mad skillz meta" support playing WW or something even less suitable or helpful and in no time their ADC is 5-0 and you know how it follows. So i told myself (a jungle main), f-it i will play ADC, at least not feed and play safe. So i took a brain dead easy champ - MF {{champion:21}} and started playing (admittedly normals) (Plan B is similar, as I do have most ADCs) Guess what happened - 8/1 victories so far .... 8-1 (together with some other games before a few ARAMs i was on a 13 games win streak (the highest ever) (the 1 loss came from my uber good Urgot support, who spent more time roaming than on lane, btw) All i did was this - follow the meta, played safe, CSed, warded and combined with the jungle, when needed. All i did was ask my support to follow pings for attack and that's it - no tilting, no stress, no overfed enemy adc - easy peasy. Now ... it could be luck ... it could be low elo ... it could be normal , but ... you know what? I'm not mad at the end of the games. So i ask this - give the above FACTS and observation, would you not agree, that the Bot lane is a major factor in the win/lose scenario of S8 games and in general (at least for low elo)?
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