Riot Balancing.

Good Afternoon, I'm your standard Hashinshin viewer and I have come to cry about some champions, item and Quality of Life changes for {{champion:24}} First Topic; Champions that are really questionable and are making my veins in my head pop-out. 1. {{champion:85}} I really hate facing this champion (like every other toplaner). As a toplane main for a long time I think that Kennen is the most braindead champion in this role, first his E attack speed why does he get attack speed it doesn't make any sense it's such a dumb fast dash it's CD is far to small and should be nerfed at X seconds every rank and remove the attack speed. 2. {{champion:10}} I know that kayle already has been nerfed but in my opinion it shouldn't be a thing that kayle Q is placed right behind her so if you Q on her as {{champion:24}} you still get hit because it just gets placed behind her and thats such a dumb and anti fun counter that shouldnt be a thing. 3. Every Tank with Grasp. It's dumbthat grasp does so much dmg, heals and gives you permanent HP the keystone is so overtuned and should be nerfed. Second Topic; Item (Bug) Changes {{item:3077}} : If you hit a minion under a Enemy his tower and the enemy gets hit by the passive of {{item:3077}} you get tower agro and I think that shouldn't exist because it's really frustrating to play with that as a player that builds tiamat every game. {{item:3191}} : make it so you get 0,5 armor per 4 minion kills/or a Takedown and stack it up to 20 times. {{item:3152}} : Increase the cost with 200 gold and nerf the AP to 50 {{item:3156}} : lower the cost of hexdrinker by 150 gold and lower the total cost with 150 gold. {{item:3091}} : remove the random MS and give it 12% dmg reduction but lower the AS by 10. Third, last Topic; Quality of life changes for {{champion:24}} {{champion:157}} Q cant go through E; counterstrike {{champion:77}} Q, W, E and R (they're AA) cant go through E: Counterstrike (Doesnt aply the DOT, Stun but does heal and does the AOW). Make the AA reset on God Staff {{champion:24}} less clunky.
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