So...who wants OLD URF back?

As stated above, who isn't enjoying the new URF so far? Quick frankly, I think riot have turned URF from a fun gamemode into the stuff of nightmares for particular fans - myself included - and as a result, the gamemode is far from being "fun" this year. Whilst others may disagree with me, I feel that I can't be the only person who doesn't like the new format. Allow me to elaborate: The great thing about URF in previous years was obviously the ability to choose your own preferred champions, meaning that besides the few bans that each team received, you had the freedom to choose whomever you wished to play. NOT ANYMORE. Because Riot have created the All Random variant of URF for this year, I strongly feel disinclined to play, given that I feel like I'm being forced to play from a pool of champions that I simply do not like, and more importantly do not play as. What use is an assassin or a mage champion to me when I main Fighters/tanks in the top lane? I've never liked spellcasters or support champions (except Braum) yet it feels as though I'm being forced to play the least desirable champions every single game. I have played the mode ever since it came out last weekend, hoping that I'll get one of my champions, but to no avail. Instead, I get someone who I have no experience with whatsoever and to make matters worse, I'll end up in an illogical matchup. In essence, I've lost more games than I can count and I've been reduced to an agitated, pissed off, toxic player who quite frankly is confused as to why he hasn't been suspended yet. So why do I still play it? Because I still want to have fun playing this gamemode, even though I feel like I'm forcing myself to play and endure it. In short, I HATE the new URF and I long for the return on the original format. As to why riot didn't consider the impact that AR URF would cause for some is beyond me. However, the other thing that puzzles me is why they didn't choose to adopt the 10 ban system instead. Granted, having both teams ban 5 champions each may result in a slightly smaller choice of champions and additionally might hinder who gets their favourite champion but considering the vast amount of champions in League of Legends at this current point of time, I honestly don't think this would be an issue. At least, from having an increased ban count, you would still have the freedom to pick your desired champion without being forced to play another. In my mind, its the perfect solution. Either adopt a 10 ban system for URF in the near future, or go back to the original concept of 3 bans each. That, I firmly believe is what many of us truly desire. Finally, another beef I have with it is that whilst URF is a fast paced gamemode, I feel the games hardly last anytime at all. This can clearly be seen when one team rushes towards the other teams base in a matter of minutes because the opposite team lack the ability to fight back and defend their towers, which can literally fall in a matter of moments, even right at the start of a match. Perhaps in order to counter this, they could buff the resistances of the towers in URF so that players who are losing ground during the match don't have to spend every waking second teleporting back to what is essentially, their doomed outer turrets. Sorry, for the long post, I always try and keep it short and relevant, but extending onward from this, what do you guys reckon should happen with URF in the future? Are you on the same page as I am, or do you yourselves have your own thoughts on this years rendition of URF? Frostmourne P.S. As was mentioned briefly, I have been pretty ticked off about this whole ordeal yet I have resisted unleashing my frustration onto this post in order to keep things formal and on topic as should be intended anyways. Therefore, if you have anything to add to this conversation keep the focus on the topic at hand.
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