Picks OP in the order i consider they are, please riot react. it's not late for reacting.

Picks OP in the order i consider they are: -zyra -> infinite mana, shoves her lane in the safest way you could ever imagine. -kai’sa/swain ->new unbalanced champions -rengar/nocturne ->can carry solo -kha ->invisible too much time -katarina/fizz ->can carry solo and blindpick this champ -diana ->boom -zed ->he scales too hard due to his passive on ulti but his mechanics are cool -le blanc ->if well played, then you can’t play imobile squishy champ against it. -twich/eve/shaco ->invisible champs are too op in soloQ, please make something... -fiddle -> one R late = game. -mordekaiser ->a niche champion but too overpowered due to his aery synergy + regen on W -tahm kench ->honestly it’s a pick you see every damn game in pro, and he’s even better than braum, how you can’t react about that? -ziggs/xerath ->spam & spam & spam -yasuo ->double his crit chance is way too much, just let him do real critics without any reduction on them BUT give him 5% free crits on his passive every 20% chance he builds. Not OP like ones i said, but really strong ; in order: kayn -> is ok zoé -> is ok galio -> maybe a bit strong but players don’t know how to play it, so its ok. cassiopeia/kassadin -> i won’t talk about the priority in lane with those champions, just presence of mind on these 2 champs fit too much on them heimerdinger -> is ok illaoi -> i like her really much :) zac/seju -> i like them too but we see them maybe too much. NOW IT'S TIME TO WORK RITO {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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