[Feedback for Riot] The raping of Eve

Eve main since...a lot of time/years now, writing about her rework that literally DEVASTATED her identity. Old Eve was an early game champion, used to create pressure, early advantage for your team and so on. Was almost always on the weak side cause of her kit: a kit that offered TONS of counters to a decent enemy...a kit perceived as "unfair" to the...inexperienced (and/or simply bad) players, the VAST VAST VAST majority of this community, players without any idea how to deal with her (for the average player the ONLY "counter" to Eve are the pink wards, that not only are not the only way to deal with her, they aren't even remotely the most effective one). So Eve was basically kept underpowered to leave her out of the meta , thus "babysitting" the players too bad/lazy/etc to learn how to play around her, exploiting her many weaknesses. I was kinda ok with that tbh: she still had one of the most unique kits in the game (perma camouflage and skills that grant a short burst of camouflage or stealth are literally on different planets, her ENTIRE gameplay was about using her main strengh to overcome her flaws), she was still playable and that was good enough (in an ideal world Eve should have got a small buff to let her at least kinda viable but I knew that wasn't going to happen for the reasons I explained above). Now here's come the rework, a rework that shout "Riot wants the game to be appealing to everyone and so, over the years, dumbed it down over and over; here's another instance, guys!". Tbh I saw that coming from a mile away, at least to an extent: I knew that the bad/inexperienced players struggled to deal with the concept of Eve perma camouflage, I KNEW Riot would hit that VERY hard to well...basically babysit them and avoid their whining. So here we are: Eve lost her camouflage for the part of the game she desperately needed the most and, Phreak words, become a SUPER weak early game champ, becoming the EXACT opposite of what she was. Now, again Phreak words, she basically have to PRAY that her team can hold on until she become...whole, PRAY that the enemy jungler didn't crushed your team fully knowing u can't do almost nothing until 6, u become a joke of a jungler/assassin/whatever that CAN'T gank and/or assassinate...until the laning phase is closing to an end (and, in MANY occasion, the game is already been decided by an agressive enemy jungler capitalizing the situation). IMO this is just unaccetable and fully goes against the supposed "don't worry we will keep the spirit of the champs we rework alive!", changing Eve into a "survive early game and pray" BS wannabe champ, stripping her of her identity and playstyle. An ATROCIUS gameplay decision, all to keep spoon feeding the playerbase ("awww you don't wanna waste 75 gold on wards cause "OMG I NEED MY DAMAGE!!1!"? Don't worry dear: instead of letting you rot in bronze V until u understand the flaws in your """reasoning""" we will grant you free wards and strip the game of the 90% of the decision making associated with it!); a decision the will make Eve a NIGHTMARE to be balanced. Like I have already reminded, Phreak admitted that Eve pre 6 is basically garbage (seriously, I don't remember him be SO clear about stuff like that, ever), so what? To be "playble" she need to become VERY strong after 6, and I mean VERY strong: a jungler that is TRASH before 6 put already his team in a VERY risky situation and, alone, can lose TONS of games cause of it so, naturally, he NEED to have some HUGE payoff later to be even considerate as a possible pick. Here's the thing: old Eve without camuflage would have been about as strong as a caster minion, a sorry, sorry, sorry, pathetic excuse for a champ. With that, instead, she was almost decent meaning that the perma camouflage alone was a HUGE part of her power, THE ability around her whole kit was designed. In other words, giving a champ his ultimate (Eve new ultimate seems at least average) AND the perma camouflage at 6 grant him a power spike SO huge to make any attempt to balance that same champ bound to fail. You wanna keep her SO weak early that even with the huge powerspike she will just become "ok"? And why in the hell someone should play a jungler SUPER HYPER bad in a critical phase for every jungler and then just "ok/good" later? You wanna go overboard and give her a power spike even bigger making her SO good she can still a good pick despite her crappy early? Gz, you just created THE "feast or famine" champ, bound to fail hardcore multiple times...and become an unstoppable nightmare the others (the ones were she managed to recover from her early). Phreak misspoke? She isn't so bad early after all? Then is supposed to become a god after? In what universe u can give to a "not so bad" assassin champ something like perma camouflage (y I don't know how strong/weak Eve will be but one thing is 100% certain: there is NO WAY IN HELL that that kind of power spike won't be ABSURD) and expect her to not become insane? Eve didn't needed any kind of reword: she offered PLENTY of counterplay and was "super toxic" only for those players not good enough to understand how to react to her, players that, quite frankly, DESERVED to be punished by her over and over until they finally learn something new and become better cause of it. I understand Riot "needs" so I "accepted" that Eve needed to be on the weak side: but what the company did now is FAR worse. I don't know if the new Eve will be be bad, good or even OP, nor I really care: all I care that Riot mutilated one of the most unique mechanics in the game AND create a kit that will probably never be balanced, all to become a little more "casual", one step after another.
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