Adaptive Damage RIOT failure, again.

Why do you decide for US what is best in our place ?? I'm talking about adaptive damage. You namely gave us option to "customize our gameplay and runes" But when we select in rune's option "+9 adaptive force" we are getting AP on many heroes which don't need it by default. For example Maokai. Instead to be able to get 12 AD from runes so he can last-hit, and trade properly with opponents, he gets %%%%%%ED AP... because how to Nerf certain heroes indirectly. While your opponent starts with 12 bonus AD< you start with +7 dmg on your Q... WOW ... And unless you buy some DMG items on lvl 1... which screws you , you are screwd anyway. -MANY champions who have ZERO bonus AD or AP, get PRE-DEFINED addaptive force. Which %%%%S UP their laning phrase which could be much better. Change Adaptive force to be AD by default or give us option to choose WHICH +9 force we do want to get from runes.
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