I wish there was a chance to mute someone's pings :).

Hey guys, that's my first time at this forum, but I had some thoughts about mutes. Everyone had a game that someone was pinging all the fucking time. No matter what, no matter where, you just got spammed by pings " ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ", or the traditional ones. I think that's very annoying thing in league that you aren't allowed to mute that thing(not every pings[sounds]), and you have to see him spamming all the time. If you tell him to stop, he will make you more tilted and spam even more and more, also he will stop playing for real. I have got couple of games that I was at my border of tilting level and I had to listen to pings and look at them. That was really bad for me, because it was more disfocusing me, and I lost some games. My problem is that I usually mute flamers or blamers, but some of them start pinging you. I'd like to see an additional button next to nick name at TAB. <nickname> (/mute) (/mute pings). I don't know if riot sees that, as I mentioned, that's my first time here, and I just started discussion. Sorry for my english, there may be some mistakes. Thanks in advance if riot really checks that and makes me happy. Let me know, what do you guys think about muting someone's pings that you can't see and listen to them.
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