in promos does riot purposely put you with inters and trolls???

3 times now i have been on my promos and every time i have had a top give a free lane to garen, a malphite that literally stands under the turret with garen and watches him take it, and junglers constantly not knowing what to do with ganks no drakes even 25 mins in??? i mean seriously riot im trying to climb ffs. Sort your damn match making out. well i lost my promos thanks to riot putting me with idiots and trolls all game, a bottom lane who fed all game, and ahri who stood under her turret all game and let yas farm and im getting penalised because of these people???? sort your damn match making out. edit 2 oh look lost more lp due to the bottom feeding vayne all game thanks why are people in ranked why they have no clue how to play the game let alone the roles they pick i mean seriously fix your damn match making out why am i being matched with people in their damn placements ffs???.
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