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Hello, I would like to address a few things concerning the state of game right now. I know the discussion has been going on for a bit now but I wanna add my 2 cents to it. I've played league for about 3 years now. Right now my main role is ADC and from ADC's point of view the game is broken now. I feel like League has been steadily improving from patch to patch, but lately it has gone downhills. Since the assasin rework (and possibly before as well) the game has been in a bad state. It's like when you play cards and you shuffle them before each round, to make it fair, but on accident end up giving one player all the ACEs and the rest of the players have all the garbage cards. The outcome is that someone is steamrolling hard and others can't do sh*t about it. This is gonna be constructive criticism. Please take it as pointers on what could be improved and not as some kid crying about a lost game. **1. ADC's power spike comes too late.** I would say they are on the last position, even after supports. (some supports can 1v1 ADCs without any problems and ADCs can't do anything about it. Cough {{champion:223}} ) So let's talk about the mechanics behind this. ADCs damage comes from their autoattacks (most of the time). You usually need 2-3 (mostly 3) items to start making any visible difference. That's a problem. It takes too much time for ADCs to become relevant. Let's compare it to other roles in the game. **Mid laners** (casters, mages) - mages get their damage boost from items and lvling their spells. They don't need AAs, the base damage of their spells is always gonna be higher than ADCs autoattacks. So the midlaner with 1 AP item is always gonna be stronger than ADC with 1 item. (if ADC buys AD item, they hit harder but they are slow, if they get AS item, they hit faster but they are weak). Ziggs will shove a bomb down your throat with just {{item:3285}} and will force you to back off. **Top laners** - top lane has some really broken champs in general that nobody adresses. From the ADCs point of view, you can't fight most of the top laners. Let's take Darius, Poppy, Kled, Riven, Garen.. all they need is 1 item. If say Darius gets 1 tanky item (sunfire) and goes 1v1 vs a marksman with 1 item, he will wreck your face, same goes with others (yes you can kite him, but it's not always possible). The problem with this is, top laners become too tanky too soon while having shitton of damage. Garen with one tanky item will spin you unconscious and true damage ult you on top of it, while you are trying to take his hp down milimeter by milimeter. I feel like there needs to be some balance in damage numbers. If somebody dedicates to becoming a full tank, there should be no way that they can 2 shot you with their abilites. Yet, hello {{champion:122}} splitting you in half with 1 Q, AAs and R. In this came also, having 3 items as a marksman will not help you much, because vs tanks you need {{item:3035}} and who buys that early? Well lately I am sometimes forced to buy the last whisper 2nd, which is absolutely stupid, but if you go vs 3 tanks in the enemy team, what else can you do? **Junglers **- junglers are generally too op now. They get too much XP too fast. Assasin junglers are broken. They will get one item and delete you with it. Tank junglers are the same story as toplaners. Too tanky for you to kill yet have too much damage for you to survive. (hello {{champion:120}} , {{champion:102}} ) They have all the tools to make a good impact and you as a marksman have 0 tools to prevent it. If they camp your lane, you can't stop them, they will always show up higher lvl than you are make your day worse. **Supports** - Supports are weird too. Some supps can dish out so much damage while giving you no counter play. Sona will poke you from such distance leaving you no room to react, yet doing more damage than her adc. But bigger problem are tank supps. Everybody is abusing the colossus mastery now. Try to kill {{champion:223}} with colossus as an ADC. 1v1? Unless you kite him really well it's impossible. Same with Leona. Stuns for days while getting shields and becoming naturally tanky with their builds. Same goes for any heroe that can abuse the colossus mastery and there are a lot of them. So where does that leave the adc? From my own experience, laning phase can mean nothing. I often win my lane, go help somewhere else and get rekt. Why? Mid, top, jungle are always somehow stronger than you. The problem is the amount of items other roles need to become relevant vs what an ADC needs to become relevant. I have seen Riven who lost her lane horrible, she was 4-15. I won my lane, had 3 and half items vs Riven's 2. Yet she flashed in my face and 2 shot me during her stun. No counterplay possible. There doesn't seem to be any balance between marksmen and other roles. How can somebody who loses horribly be able to delete the carries in 2 seconds? If you win your lane, you should be able to translate that lead in the game. But you can get hardcore stopped by almost anybody. Hecarim, Shyvanna, Darius, Garen, Katarina, Talon, etc etc etc... Assasins wipe their butts with ADCs, tanks wipe their butts with ADCs, magets do the same. If you are a marksman, you come online so late in the game, while others have already been online since a long time before you. If you play a marksman, you hope that when the late game comes, you will still have enough turrets to be able to finally make a difference in the game. Yes, this is all very dependant on the situation. What ADC are you playing, who is against you, are they tanky or not, etc etc. I have steamrolled early too, but it doesn't happen so often. Some ADCs are online much faster than others, while others really need that late game. But in general, we are the weakest role right now. **2. Bot lane parties are too common with very little counterplay in solo Q.** So since the new drakes appeared in the game botlane became the favourite spot to hang out at. I don't know if it's because of the dragons or if it's just the meta now. But it's not uncommon that you will get 4 enemies on bot, totally forcing you out of your lane and then taking your turret and the dragon. It's so easy, jungler and mid laner venture bot, detele them or make them run 4v2, and get 2 objectives. Well then call your teammates to come and help you, you might say. Yes, but this is solo Q, very rarely will people come and react to the situation. Usually you even have your jungler doing the frog and watching you get dove by 4 people, being like "nope, better get that money here". Also mid laners wait till their counterpart gets bot and murders everyone then decides to go there to "counter" gank 1v3 and dies too. So this new trend on bot parties is in practise very hard to play against. **3. ADCs are easily dealth with** I'm not sure how to explain this without sounding like I'm stupid, but what I'm trying to say is that if an ADC becomes strong it's very easy to shut him down. Now, yes, this is all about the communication in the enemy team, and yours to protect you. But let's be real. It's hard to deal with fed tank, fed bruiser, fed assasin, fed mage.. tanks go in and don't care, bruisers are the same, assasins go in, they might die, but will always take someone with them, mages stay way in the back and spam you with high dmg spells, but ADCs? .. as an ADC it's all about positioning. You have to stay in the back, so your only option is to focus the tanks (which results in you doing little damage, or your team flaming you that you are focusing the tank, or whoever is the closest to you, instead of going in the middle of the enemy team and taking down the MVP.) Most of the marksmen have very low range, forcing you to get too close to the enemy team to do damage, if you get too close and they decide to cc you or focus you, you will 100% die. If you stay in the back, you will not be able to do damage that would be necessarily relevant to your team. You just damage whoever is closest to you and try to kite. And of course there are games when the adc gets so out of hand that they can deal with the whole enemy team with no problem. You can deny everything that I say using this logic. But comon, how many times have you played a marksman vs a good enemy team and you knew, that if you step just one step too close you will get obliterated. **4. ADCs have no way of dealing with tanks and assasins.** As a marksman, there is very little you can do to protect yourself against the way over the top buffed assasins and colossus abusing tanks. Armpen was killed. Lethality sucks now. It's like a rental stat that you pay the full price for, and have to wait till lvl 18 for it to be effective. If you get jumped by any assasin, it mostly means your death. Even if they are behind, or lost their lane, due to their nature and their kit, they will delete you and you can't do anything about it, unless you have a supp who will protect you 24/7 or you manage to kite really well. But let's be honest, katarina jumping in your face killing you in 1 second doesn't give you much space for kiting. Tanks I've already talked about. What can you do? You buy the last whisper and that's it. You can get a black cleaver, but how many ADCs have that in their build really? .. Nowadays the best thing you can build on a marksman is CRIT. Which doesn't allow space for the black cleaver. Armpen used to be good, but that's over now. Let me quote meddler now: > Some other things we’re looking at: - General power level and agency of all positions in the game, bot in particular (both marksman and support). - Whether marksmen power curves are appropriately tuned (e.g. Should we offer more mid game power rather than late game power for some champs/builds?) - Whether we’re offering the appropriate tools to kill really tanky champs as a marksmen, something that should generally be a strength relative to other classes. - What sort of changes we might need to make to the item system to reduce tanky champions from getting too much damage or some damaging champions from getting too tanky to deal with for their damage. - Power level: as discussed, ADCs come online too late while other roles become strong too fast with little counterplay, ADCs need more items to become as powerful as other roles with less items - Power curves: as above, tanks, mages, junglers (bruisers, assasins) have a much steeper curve.. it looks like this **_/** .. and ADC's looks like this **________/** - tools to kill tanks: not really. What do we have? {{item:3035}} yes. {{item:3071}} kinda, but who builds it? Few selected champs, but nothing that's really great for every ADC, {{item:3153}} okay, but again, how many ADCs have it as a core item?.. and then there's lethality, an uneffective stat that nobody really wants to build, it's more like a nostalgia build, when armpen was good, but it is really weak. I tried to kill tanks with full lethality builds and it barely tickled them. - tanks too tanky, damagers too strong: there needs to be a clear difference between stats that you go for. If somebody decides to build full tank, he should be really hard to kill, but he should have little damage. If somebody decides to go full ham and buy the dmg items, he should wreck faces but should be easy to kill... what happens now is that tanks go full tanks with a black cleaver or titanic hydra, and deal massive amounts of damage while being almost unkillable. Add to it the colossus mastery and it's GG. So in conclusion, TLDR: ADCs take too long to become relevant, have very little tools to deal with situations, whether it be tanks too tanky and assasins too strong, they are hard to make an impact with and too easy to get rid of if unprotected, need more items to deal with situations. Now go, eat me alive.
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