How to buff Zoe Properly (just an opinion, don't eat me alive)

- I KNOW, I KNOW, you all hate her. but i have mastery lvl 7 with her and I used to enjoy playing her, a lot. - recently after the nerfs and the microbuffs she feels _SO _ useless late game where everything is fast paced and bursty. - i know she's a tricky subject to deal with and riot said they want to ''adjust her'' later when they get the chance... HOWEVER, i believe she can be good and fun to play with and against with these simple changes, to make her do what she's supposed to do (that's damage) without being over powered: 1- EITHER Give her +1% AP or maybe 0.5% ratio/LVL on her q, that's +18% or 9%AP ratio At lvl 18 that would leave her early the same and gives her more chances to do her job late game. in SHORT, make her scale better for late **OR** 2- Simply Less Cooldown on Q, not by much ofc! or maybe even better, 0.5 CD refund on abilities if she lands a Q on champs! OR full Q refund upon Champion kills, the Q can already be blocked by other enemy team members and tanks late soooo :v **OR** 3- When she return to her original position From ult, she get's a small burst of movement speed **OR! ** 4- Simply, her basic attack/passive damage is doubled if used after her Ult that would be all. *embraces self for wave of hate* {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}

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