I despise the current meta and player's mindset

Do you know Nogardz?
Master Yi and Tryndamere player. I despise the current meta, and I despise the "hard mehonicz" champions. I do not play or like Zed, Yasuo, Vayne, Riven, Leblanc, Ekko, Nautilus, Zac, Brand etc etc etc. Game Knowledge is the real deal, and I'm here to show it, and see how far will i go with Yi and Trynda.
Current meta has 2 main problems : AP tanks with 20 AP can one shot you ( a.k.a Zac/Nautilus etc ) or AD tanks with 130 AD that one shot you ( Garen, Illaoi etc ). " Supports" (Brand or Lux) that can one shot the ADC at lvl6 basicly with 20 ap and a full combo. Current player's mindset has 1 problema: "Hard mechanics" > Game Knowledge. The meta changes, and it is up to Riot, but I really want to say some words about the player's mindset, but I'll be very quick and direct. Basicly, if you pick Lee Sin and end up 3-6, you played better than a Tryndamere 13-5 because you're playing a "hard" champion and Tryndamere has "no skill". While Lee Sin did big mistakes like bad pressure on the map, bad positioning, bad focus etc, and Tryndamere knew exactly what when to apply pressure and split-push and such things like that, the Tryndamere player will have 0 credit, because its "no skill". Most people don't know, normally you should AA-move-AA with a melee champ ( as Trick2g does with Udyr ) for a better chase and aa animations, I just find it funny how people say that's not "skill", while doing the exact same thing but instead of chasing, it is running (kiting), as a Vayne, for example, it is considered "skill". Just wanted to say this, nothing else, if you wanna hate on me, fine, if you think im right, feelsgoodman. Nogardz {{champion:11}}{{champion:23}} .
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