Wny is it even called team fight tactics if tactics plays almost no role at all... its so much rng based that it shouldnt have tactics in the name... either change the game or change the name. keeping it like this is a bad joke... its not like unused units show up equaly. u see the same shit over and over and if u pick it up u see different shit but never the unit u picked. its just crazy luck based... no tactic involved. impossible t build any combo without having insane luck. even if no one runs the units and u are in the perfect lvl to find them, in many cases u wont and the game is just %%%%ed by unluck. so what do u say riot? if u copy a game concept learn from the guys wich did it right. atm u absolutly dont deserve that your games get played over the dota adaption... its just so much more balanced... i rly hope all the streamers will find out soon enough. so u are presured to change your bad clone or u just lose the audience again.
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