Why will players not mute other players?

You are given the ability to mute players, so why do half the community not use this feature? Is it pride? Is it just laziness? Don't get me wrong, flamers can ruin the fun in the game, but by keeping your silly pride and placing all the blame on the flamers when you have the ability to mute them, is just silly. It's like people who flame flamers back. Choosing to take no action is a choice too, only then to blame that teammate for losing when you could have stopped your tilt. The community's toxicity is part of the reason Riot never touch upon the subject of voice communication, they say, "you can't monitor it" - but almost every other successful competitive team-based game has voice chat. Every other game also has flamers. There is a point where you realise that this issue isn't just the flamer's fault when there is a ready-made feature to stop their toxic impact on the game. ------------------------------------------
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