Opinions on Kench

I'm not in habit of talking about balance changes,since rito has like 50 people paid to do just that.So i was sure this will be dealt with after worlds,but few months down the line,and we are still here...Tahm is cool and all,he has unique role in that he can save people under heavy cc,after major missplays and overextends.Rewards for team with good Kench are numerous,but the problem is-There is no risk.None what-so-ever.Every build path for this champion is tanky so he already gets plenty of health and armor/resists.Giving him 2 hp bars is way over the top.This is a champion with high base dmg,heavy cc,able to save teammate and is viable and played in jungle and top more then as support because of it. Im not suggesting they ruin Kench.I just want him to have to take a risk for his rewards.Tank supports don't need 2 health bars,simple as that. Also aren't i master of MS Paint :) Have a nice day,Happy holidays
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