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Hi, I am a silver trash who is so tired of all the tanks, I hate facing tanks and they always beat me. I play top lane and I don't mind it being a farm lane, but it seems that all the tanks have more than enough mobility and damage to basically 2 shot me and I can't even farm. Outdamaging them and trading seems rather impossible. Ornn for example is the hardest thing to deal with for me in the top lane. Could you recommend me a champion that goes best into these kind of matchups? I am talking Ornn, Maokai, Malphite and stuff like that. And I really don't get how on Earth does Ornn that has nothing but hp and armour items, misses everything and then finally lands one airoborne on me (without a pillar around), and then proceeds to 100-20% hp me in 2 seconds. Anyway, forget all the complaints, maybe its just me being bad, maybe these tanks really do much more damage than they should, all I am asking for is a counter pick that loves going against tanks. My thoughts are : Vayne (yes i would gladly play vayne top if it works), and I heart Fiora can be a good pick.
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