Shaco is too weak

I have been a Shaco main for a long time now and even tho I never really got good at the game, i still managed to reach Gold. Shaco became my favourite because of how fun his mind games kit is, but after some direct and indirect nerfs he really became just weaker and weaker, especially early in the game. His mini rework became a direct nerf for his early game because Shaco is now forced to skill his Q (which is not a dmg dealing ability)to lvl 3 to even be able to properly gank instead of his E which actually deals dmg. Shaco also was able to reset some CD on his Q if he hit an enemy shortly after exiting stealth which is now not possible anymore, it doesnt sound like much but it really helped him escape dangerous situations. An indirect nerf he got was when Tiamat got more expensive since Shaco heavily relies on it for his jungle clearing speed. I understand why Tiamat was nerfed but it was certainly not to make Shaco weaker. Another huge indirect nerf he got was when Dark Harvest was nerfed and its now only useful on Karthus or for smurfing. If i missed any nerfs or even buffs he recieved please comment them. Sorry if I sound like a salty peanut but i dont think im the only one who thinks he is a very weak champion at the moment.
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